Whispers from the Darkness

Tales are told throughout Golarion of shadowy figures that lurk in dark corners – stories recounted at children’s bedsides feature bestial creatures that come out only when the moon is right, and fireside legends speak of otherworldly beings beyond reckoning, whose very existence is more than the human mind can bear to know. These are the legends that explain where the blood of the family cow went, and why clerics spend so much time ensuring the proper Pharasmin rites are observed at gravesites throughout the Inner Sea. One can write them off as simple, scary stories in Absalom or Westcrown, but in Ustalav, everyone knows the truth of the things that go bump in the night.

Having left the safety and comfort of their eastern cities behind them, our protagonists have traveled far into the western hinterlands known as the Palatinates, in the shadow of the forebidding Virlych mountains, to the small farming village of Ravengro.

With cold rain falling from a dark sky, they gather outside the gates of the Ravengro Restlands, the village cemetery, for the funeral of the widely known and respected Professor Petros Lorrimor. Beginning with this solemn farewell our heroes will begin their journey into the darkness, where the horrors of the night will become undeniably real.

Sadly this is no bedtime story. Terrible things await, ready to ensnare the group in a web of whispered secrets which threatens to mire them, and the Immortal Prinicpality as well, in a darkness from which they will never recover. Only by deciphering these whispers in the darkness will our heroes emerge back into the light…

Whispers from the Darkness

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