Destryn Dorvinius

A scholar from Caliphas, and exile from his noble family.


Born into a minor noble house in Caliphas Destryn knew little comfort as a child. The house staff always looked at him askew and whispered nervously any time he passed them. The circumstances of his “condition” were never fully explained by his parents so the suspicion only drove further inward. At the age of 13 “adulthood” he was packed off to the university where his natural genius was nutured. By the age of 17 he earned 3 degrees and discovered a major knack with magic. That knack and his natural quickness caught the eye of an Magus at the university whom took destryn under his wing to help hone his abilities. During this time professor lorimeer had a guest lecture on the history of Ustalav where Destryn’s pointed questions and observations warmed the aged prof to the young noble. The spent a few late nights together joking and discussing local history together. After the professor left they remained in touch.


Destryn Dorvinius

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