Gibs Hephenus

Foul-tempered retired farmer.


A late middle-aged man with a balding head and bushy, greying sideburns, Gibs Hephenus does his darndest to annoy and critisize everyone who he doesn’t know, like, and agree with. He is very conservative in his outlook, feeling that outsiders should remain there.

UPDATE: Gibs appeared in town on the night of 21 Calistril, the same night as the Town Hall fire and the Restlands uprising, covered in blood and half-crazed from some mental malady. He kept his mind long enough to seek out the Sheriff, but slipped completely to the depths of madness as he approached the temple. He attacked the druid Willow with a large shaving razor, cackling maniacally as he did so, before slashing his own throat on the temple’s steps.

May Pharasma preserve him…


After his body quit him before he was ready to stop farming, Gibs moved into Ravengro where he spends his days grumping around the town or growing vegetables in his small garden.

Gibs Hephenus

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