An Unconventional Druid from the Varlych Mountains


Willow has always been a bit unconventional, she figured that’s the reason her ‘real’ parents never wanted her. How she wound up with the “family” she currently has is still a mystery to her. On occasion she wonders whether or not her “family” keeps the secret of why they took her in locked up tight due to shame or fear. Sure she’s been a bit odd at times, but that should be no reason for her family to keep secrets from her…should it?

As Willow grew up she started to find interest in plague and blight, unnatural occurrences that cause problems with the natural world and transform a normal bear into something of nightmares. Knowing that her druidic family would most likely disapprove, she found the opportunity to branch out and immediately set out on her own to do her own investigation, regardless of the protests and warnings of her ‘clan’.

Young and eager she quickly found her way to the one place that had caused fear and terror in the hearts of those that told tales of it. Sure she didn’t get too close to the main cause, that would be foolish…however…that didn’t very well stop her from quickly getting in over her head. While she was busy taking samples to try and analyze the corruption that had occurred and attempt finding some form of ‘cure’, she was jumped by some beasts that had her quickly understanding why so many tales were told with a certain amount of terror behind the words. Though the odds were three to one, she somehow managed to survive, though her young and inexperienced body was nearly broken from the unnatural auras and energies from the beasts, she found her salvation with a kind professor that wished to understand how one so young and inexperienced could survive such an assault; even if…her sanity suffered greatly from it.

She quickly agreed to be a subject of study for the kind professor and as thanks he showed her how to find certain herbs, even in such a tattered and wasted land. The man needed to make sure she was sane enough not to become one of the very beasts that had jumped her after all.
Unfortunately, herbal remedies were never meant to last for long periods of time; the professor found that he had to give her the remedy often at first, and even increase the potency on occasion to keep her mindset to somewhat normal.
It was discovered at one point that without the remedy, a spell meant to heal someone could easily backfire and fizzle out…and that wasn’t the worst of what could happen if she was left without a recharge for too long…

After fighting the spiritual forces in Harrowstone, Willow retired back to the Vyrlich mountains.


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